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CHE-IRFTS Building Integrated Solar
Conventional Rail Mounted Solar
CHE Solar Kit Specifications
​​•    CHE Integrated Solar Rooftop assembly:
    -   Titanium PSU underlayment
    -   1”X4” treated lumber strapping
    -   1685X1001 mm IRFTS EasyRoof Evolution
         polypropylene frames and installation hardware
         (portrait/landscape configuration)
    -   Tier-1 Black 310W solar-PV modules (or similar)               
•    Electrical:
    -   Solar Edge inverter (or similar)
    -   Solar Edge power optimizers (or similar)
    -   All required wiring, surge protection, grounding,             
        lighting arrestors and circuit breakers
    -   Digital PV power meter
    -   Interconnection with main home electrical panel

•    Inlcuded:
    -   Electrical permitting
    -   Processing of Alberta Solar Rebate
    -   Processing of Micro-generation and grid
        interconnection permits with electric utility

•    Warranty:
    -   Solar panels (linear performance warranty): 25 years
    -   Inverter: 12 years (extendable to 25 years)
    -   Power optimizers: 25 years
    -   Titanium PSU Peel & Stick underlayment: Lifetime
        limited warranty
    -   Roofing warranty: 5 years