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CHE Power Structures Corp. is the exclusive Canadian partner of L’Institut de Recherche Fondamentale en Technologies Solaires - IRFTS, Europe’s leading Building Integrated solar-PV (BIPV) provider. ​ 

IRFTS has developed ingenious solar-PV integration technology which has been deployed in over 68,666 projects in 15 countries, with zero warranty claims or negative market feedback.

Please see the IRFTS presentation video for a visual explanation of our technology and download our brochure for more details.
IRFTS solar integration technology elegantly and seamlessly transforms ‘off-the-shelf’ solar-PV panels into residential rooftiles providing the highest possible power density at the lowest possible cost.
All CHE SOLAR CARPORTS and CHE SOLAR ROOF KITS are empowered by IRFTS integration technology for offering Canada building integrated solar-PV (BIPV) products that can be installed quickly and easily by basic trades for low cost, high powered, architecturally beautiful residential solar.
  Parts act independently to ensure WATERTIGHTNESS function and MECHANICAL function
   This is achieved by keeping the thermal expansion unlocked.  
   This is achieved by keeping the thermal expansion unlocked.  
A highly resistant material
Optimized ventilation
EASY ROOF EVOLUTION is fully ventilated to maximise the efficiency of the PV field.   

Rain water management
Walls and water channels provide perfect water drainage to cope with high level of rain water.
Unequalled interlocking and overlapping frameworks provide 100% watertightness 
Peace of mind
Each PV panel is interchangeable throughout the life of the installation without upsetting or removing the strong aluminium brackets.